Rappelz Online Mobile

Rappelz Online Mobile has been released on Appstore and Googleplay

Rappelz Online has officially been released worldwide on iOS and Android platforms. Game MMORPG Freetoplay who has a background of medieval fantasy world that is very epic, and invited the playe to not only explore Openworld great, but also feel berbagaimacam game modes PvE and PvP challenging.

With a wide variety of Classes, Races, and detailed customization, the mobile version of this much-loved PC title is hugely popular as it allows players to hunt and capture almost every monster in the game world. From Elves and Cerberus to Sirens and Angels, players had to tame pets to gain experience and use their skills.

Rappelz Online Mobile

This game focuses on gameplay with team exploration, Rappelz Online features challenging Dungeons, massive in-game events, and a unique PvP mode to test even the most experienced players.

With the trend of the MMORPG mobile game industry, Rappelz Online has also taken a stance against the Paytowin system, ensuring the same level of play for all players, without the VIP system giving players an advantage over others. It’s time for a true MMO experience on mobile.

Download: Appstore or Googleplay

Rappelz Mobile - Launch trailer (store)


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