Rappelz Online Mobile

Rappelz Online Mobile is coming soon on iOS and Android

Rappelz is an MMORPG genre game, in this game players can fight with bosses, raid dungeons, and tame monsters to conquer the world in the Middle Ages. Rappelz was previously released on PC as one of the popular MMORPG games in the past, and now in 2021 it will be available on mobile for Android and iOS players, Rappelz Online Mobile.

Rappelz Mobile will have 3D MMORPG gameplay set in a fantasy medieval time. Surely this game is full of Sword and Magic action. In Rappelz, there will be hundreds of missions that require players to fight Orcs, Giants, Skeletons, and even Dragons.

Rappelz Online Mobile

If Rappelz Mobile has the same system as the PC version, then Rappelz Online Mobile should also have no discrimination. Players will not have features that destroy MMORPG gameplay such as VIP System, Autohunt, and Gender Lock.

For players who are interested in Rappelz Mobile, players can pre-register and visit the official website of Rappelz Mobile to get more information about this new mobile MMORPG game on Android and iOS!

Rappelz Online Mobile official website

Rappelz Mobile - Launch trailer (store)


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