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Raziel Dungeon Arena Officially Released Today, Download Now!

Indrasoft has officially announced the official release date for their new Hack’n’slash Action RPG mobile game which is coming soon, Raziel: Dungeon Arena. Players can now download the mobile game from the local AppStore or GooglePlay, and can immediately play the mobile game when it is released.

This mobile game was originally released on a limited basis for Singapore, Australia and New Zealand in 2017. fajaryusufdotcom is not sure whether there will be any differences in in-game between past and present versions, but the good news is that this mobile game will be officially released on the day this, 22 September 2020.

fajaryusuf.com Raziel Dungeon Arena a

Raziel: Dungeon Arena is a Hack’n’slash Action RPG genre game, which is rumored to be the most similar mobile game to Diablo that players can play on mobile platforms.

Players can go through 60+ Raziel dungeons as a single player or form a party with friends and enjoy co-op raids and boss battles.

Publisher: Indrasoft

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore


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