Rem’s Fans Must Try, Re: Zero Infinity, Let’s Pre-register!

Good news for you anime Re: Zero fans, a collaboration between developers Tianjin Tiaxiang Interactive Technology Co. and Black Tea Rabbit Studio will present the mobile game adventure SubaruEmillia and Rem on the Re: Zero Infinity for IOS and Android.

Re: Zero Infinity will officially open phase closed beta on November 19th 2019. For those of you who want to register on closed beta, you can register via TapTap.

The story game will adapt three arcs of the original Anime Re: Zero story, interestingly the characters in this game will be voiced directly by the original voices, such as Kobayashi YuusukeTakahashi Rie, and Minase Inori.

For gameplay game will combine turn-based RPG elements and add sim dating elements. In the battle system player will be assigned to form a party that amounts to 3 characters. Each character will have three types of skills and one ultimate skill that will be supported by an animation effect when you activate the skill.

Re Zero Infinity gameplay

For the dating sim feature, players will be given the freedom to build relationships with characters, this will open up a few side storiesbackstories, and some experience that will be useful when fighting.

Surely this is good news for fans of Re: Zero, because you can enjoy the adventures of Subaru, Emillia, and Rem through the smartphone screen. Unfortunately all the progress data that you get when closed beta, will be lost when the game is officially released.

Re:Zero Infinity Trailer Gameplay
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