Rebel Cops Mobile Version Is Being Prepared For Release

If you remember the police tactics game series but with a strategy gameplay like XCOM entitled This Is the Police, this game developed by Weappy Studio can be said to be a spinoff version. With the title Rebel Cops, you are told that you will no longer play the role of someone who serves the name of an institution.

Because of your desire to uphold justice, you along with other rebel police have sought to prioritize the lives of many people as a form of principle that you want to fight for.

This kind of game can not only be found on the console and PC platforms. Mobile gamers can also come to feel the excitement of ambushing guerrillas in tactical guards full of Rebel Cops games. Like wise with the two main series that you have been searching for for a long time on Google Play and the App Store.

Rebel Copa mobile gameplay

The first trailer, Rebel Cops has just been announced its presence by the Handy Games for Android and iOS platforms. This game is certain to be released on a paid basis, but the release date information has not been officially announced yet.

While waiting for the release of the Rebel Cops game, you might be able to try the mobile versions of This is the Police 1 and 2 before you play Rebel Cops directly.

Rebel Cops - Mobile // AnnouncementTrailer
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