Punball mobile game gorilla released

Relaxing and fun game! Punball has been officially released

One casual game publisher, Habby, recently released a new game called PunballPlayers who love Archero games should definitely try this fun new game!

If you’ve ever played a Pinball RPG game like Archero, you’ve definitely noticed some similarities to the Punball game. This is because this game was developed by Gorilla Games, who have developed Archero.

Punball is a combination of Puzzle Bobble game and Roguelike mechanics. Players will take on the role of a lone mage, beautiful and strong, standing alone as the only savior in the search for light above the darkness. In Punball, players will be able to get unique power ups. As the player progresses further into the game, the enemy‘s Healthpoint will increase exponentially making it important for each shot to hit as many enemies as possible.

Punball mobile game gorilla released

Every time the player is defeated, the player has the opportunity to grow stronger because the player will be able to upgrade the character by spending the Gold earned and the equipment the player has looted. Losing in the game is normal but always remember, you will be able to become stronger and try to beat the enemy again.

Publisher: Habby

Download: Googleplay or Appstore


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