This is the Release Date Leak Lokapala MOBA Indo

The release date of the MOBA Indo mobile game, titled Lokapala, is now starting to get its leaks. Previously the game developed by Anantarupa Studios was said to be just a rumor because since last year there has been no further news about when the game will be released.

Based on news circulating in electronic media, Ilham Aryaduta as Anantarupa Account Executive announced that the Lokapala game will be released soon in January 2020.

Of course this is good news for MOBA game players who have been waiting for the release of Lokapala for a long time. In addition, the game is one of Indonesia’s local game nominations which will be contested at the Esports Piala Presiden 2020 tournament.

It is well known that the Piala Presiden will begin in February 2020. And if the rumors are true then the players are given 1 month to practice before the Piala Presiden tournament begins.

Lokapala Playstore

Currently the developer, Anantarupa Studios, is still working on the Lokapala game release process. The pre-registration phase has been opened and players who pre-register will get attractive prizes presented by Lokapala later.

Lokapala Game will carry local games by implementing the characteristics, culture, and myths that exist in Indonesia. Starting from the characters, maps, skins, etc. there will be Indonesian nuances there.

Hopefully this game made by Indonesian developers can compete with MOBA mobile games which have already been favored by Indonesian gamers such as Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor.

Lokapala Moba Indo Trailer Gameplay SS
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