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Get Rewards! Let’s Pre Register World Of Dragon Nest

Nexon and Eyedentity Games have officially announced pre register event for World of Dragon Nest mobile game which will be released soon. This mobile game is scheduled to be released on January 8th, 2020 for iOS and Android.

Players interested in gaining a place in the World of Dragon Nest game early can pre-register in the following ways:

  • Pre-register via the AppStore or Google Play (recommendation)
  • Pre-register via the official World Of Dragon Nest website.

Players who pre-register via the AppStore / Google Play will also receive a free in-game mount, as well as other premium prizes.

prize pre register world of dragon nest


Android: Coming soon

Pre-registration via the official website of World of Dragon Nest, you can participate in various activities to get a variety of attractive rewards!

You can also take part in the Hunter Reward Event by liking the World of Dragon Nest Facebook Page. Achieve various milestones to unlock a variety of amazing prizes for all players!

World of Dragon Nest | Pre-register reward Tricycle (EN)
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