RF Online Mobile in Development Likely to be Released soon

Netmarble initially announced this RF Online Mobile project in 2020, but at that time they were still not working on the project. It took them about a year for the developers who are now finally starting this RF Mobile game project.

One of the most successful MMORPG games, RF Online deserves a mobile version adaptation. Bringing this popular game to mobile devices is probably the best move. Just as Netmarble wants, they want to bring the nostalgic feel of this game to their mobile project.

To work on this project, Netmarble announced that they had formed a new studio branch. This new studio named Netmarble N2 has been chosen to work on this project. According to information, Netmarble N2 will immediately work on this project by taking objects from the PC version of RF.

rf online mobile

Even though players already know that Netmarble will take existing assets and objects from the PC version, that doesn’t mean the mobile version will be the same. Usually, a mobile game that takes objects from the PC will have significant changes. Like League of Legends Wild Rift or PUBG Mobile.

With the development of this mobile project, players can already predict when RF Online Mobile will be released to the market. If our guess is correct, this mobile game will most likely be released in 2022 or maybe the end of 2021.

For now, that’s the information we got from the developer about the development of this mobile project. For those of you who are veteran players of this game, you can’t wait to play it. A mobile version of RF Online, the very popular MMORPG game will be ready to be played on mobile devices.

Source: GamerBraves


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