Riot Will Announce Mobile Version Of League Of Legends

It is undeniable, the progress of mobile game esports from time to time is growing rapidly, various mobile game titles are innovating to satisfy the desires of the players.

Unfortunately, for PC game esports has decreased, one of them is a game that is slowly dimming its existence, yep League of Legends.

Riot Games will soon celebrate its tenth birthday tomorrow. Not only celebrating globally, in the regions of China will get a special celebration.

Reported by MMO Culture, rumors spread, at the anniversary celebration event there will be an announcement about the League of Legends Mobile made by Tencent Games. However, until now there has been no confirmation from Tencent or Riot Games regarding these rumors.

League of Legends Mobile Version of gameplay

Rumors also, the mobile version of League of Legends will not be too similar to the PC version. Some things will be different such as various Items, Runes, and also a smaller number of heroes.

Various gameplay mechanisms will be adjusted for the mobile version of LOL. Like the gameplay image above, the UI and graphics quality offered does not seem to be much different when compared to the Arena of Valor.

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