Robot Tactics X released globally

Robot Tactics X has now been released globally

Hollywood Games has just globally released their new mobile game called Robot Tactics X. Players who are interested in the game can now download it from the Appstore or Googleplay. They have also released a new server for the new players arriving!

Robot Tactics X is a Turnbased Mecha Collection RPG Strategy game. Players will be able to collect various various mecha parts and customize the player’s own robot, so players can create unique robots in it.

Robot Tactics X released globally

Players who like SRPG genre games will certainly be pleased to know that the battles in this game are dynamic, where the placement of characters will affect the results of the damage issued. Also, every terrain and calculation of every step also plays a big role in the battles in Robot Tactics X.

Downloads: Googleplay or Appstore

Robot Tactics X - Pre-register now


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