final gear game pre register

RPG-Mecha Game Titled Final Gear Starts Pre-Registration Event

In early 2020, there was a lot of information about mobile RPG games starting pre-registration events. Yep, one of them is a game called Final Gear, which was previously released for the Taiwan region with a different title. But some time ago, finally the Final Gear RPG game officially announced a Pre-registration campaign event that was held globally.

This Indie mobile RPG game can actually make players think that this is not an ordinary Indie game. This game carries a Mecha-Anime style theme that can make players have a mecha robot that can be customized as desired with the availability of very unique and detailed parts.

final gear game pre register

Later, the player team will consist of 4 mechas to carry out a mission, like any Mecha game in general, there will be roles embedded in each mecha, including DPS, Support, Tank, and other roles. Do you want to try playing this game? You can pre-register on GooglePlay or Appstore right away!

Pre-registration: GooglePlay atau Appstore

Final Gear - Official announcement trailer


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