rush out asymmetrical moba game

Rush Out Can Be Downloaded, Asymmetrical Game MOBA Gameplay

If you’re looking for asymmetrical genre mobile games like Identity V or Dead by Daylight that you can play with friends, maybe you can try playing a new mobile game that is currently being tested by Studio Vega Private, entitled Rush Out.

Rush Out is a 1v4 asymmetrical mobile game that has similar gameplay to Identity V or Dead by Daylight. 1 player will be assigned to be a Guardian who has the task of finding 4 criminals. The 4 criminals must work together to finish the generator, then open the gate and run before the Guardians catch them.

If in general asymmetrical games are always horror games, in contrast to Rush Out, Rush Out has fresh cartoon-style graphics and is suitable for cheerful players. Even though it has the same gameplay and goals and objectives as asymmetrical games in general, the experience of playing in Rush Out is quite different from Identity V or Dead by Daylight and even more like a MOBA game. Players will use bushes, and various other skills to distract the chasing Guardians, instead of using pallets and windows to make the Guardian time as teammates run.

rush out asymmetrical moba game

To use skills, players must find money or coins in the game by completing generators or opening gifts throughout the game arena. While the Guardian has its own cooldown skill to use skills that can kill other players.

Rush out is currently doing a test run on GooglePlay and is only available for a few countries. If you want to give it a try, you can download and play it right now on the Android platform.


Rush Out: 4v1 Brawl Party - Android Gameplay


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