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Sakura Revolution: Blooming New Anime Style Mobile RPG Game

Some time ago, players around the world enjoyed the soft reboot version of the game Sakura Wars, and now SEGA in collaboration with Delightworks has announced a new Sakura Wars game entitled Sakura Revolution: Blooming, this game will be available for the mobile platform. This mobile game was previously briefly announced a few days ago as Project BLACK via livestream.As one of the most drama-filled mobile RPG games, the Sakura Revolution: Blooming story will focus on a character named Sakura Shido and has a 100 year setting in the Taishou era, 88 years after the events of the original Sakura Wars story. This mobile game will be released free-to-play and has an in-game gacha system. We can be sure that there will be other interesting characters that players can collect.
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Sakura Revolution: Blooming mobile game is planned to be released for iOS and Android devices, this game will be released first in Japan this year. There is currently no further information regarding the global release of this game.Below are videos published by SEGA regarding Sakura Revolution, an official video reveal, anime and livestream that shows a glimpse of the in-game gameplay.Source: YouTube SEGA

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