SAO And Persona 5 Collaborate For Mobile Games!

The Persona 5 Royale game on the PlayStation 4 platform will certainly collaborate with one of the anime games based on the light novel, yap Sword Art Online. The results of this collaboration are not only present in the PlayStation 4 version, but also in the mobile game version.

As seen in the inaugural trailer at the end of the article, you can use the Kirito skin in the Persona game, as well as the SAO mobile game, you can use several characters from Persona 5.

SAO And Persona 5

This collaboration is not the first time the Persona 5 game has collaborated between console games or mobile games, before Persona 5 has also worked with JRPG mobile game titled Another Eden.

In history, Persona 5 Royale has also defeated similar console games such as Death Stranding, it turns out that the Persona game is more in demand than the game from Hideo Kojima. Really an amazing fact!
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