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The Second BTS x Netmarble, BTS Universe Story Website Released

Netmarble has officially announced the presence of a teaser website for the mobile game BTS Universe Story, the newest mobile game with the most popular IP boyband. This mobile game is the result of the second collaboration between Netmarble x BTS, which will follow the success of the BTS WORLD mobile game, which was released in June 2019 last year.

The BTS Universe Story website teaser features snippets of their latest mobile game, shares concept art for boyband characters made similar to BTS members, cinematic videos, and some early details of its features. The release date for this new game will be announced at a later date, so subscribe FajarYusuf.Com to find out.

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“BTS Universe Story will present refreshing new content for players so that they can enjoy stories about BTS in various ways”

said Young-jae Park as Executive Producer of Netmarble.

“We are excited to see how players can enjoy this game and will continue to provide more information ahead of its release through exclusive video content and various events.”

Young-jae Park added

For more information, please visit the official website, click HERE

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