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Good News For MMO Fans, Second Galaxy Will Be Released!

Epic battle in space with the MMO sci-fi genre, Second Galaxy mobile game by ZLONGAME will be launched in 4 days.

This game takes three years to develop, imagining a distant future in rich space as the imagination of science fiction fans.

Second Galaxy has been recommended by the two main application stores, yep AppleStore and GooglePlay. That has helped push pre-registration to almost one million players. So, you also have to pre-register this cool game!.

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Second Galaxy is not just a space game that only shoots each other, but there is imaginative and visionary exploration content about the future of humankind which is very broad to explore.

With a background of 3000 years to come, humans will begin to live in space and continue to struggle for power, with 5 factions competing for mutual dominance.

These superpowers all have their own culture and political ideology, and you can choose one faction to join one of them.

Each faction gives you bonus skills and different types of ships. This means that battles can involve 150 types of ships representing 5 different factions that are driven by players with a variety of special skills.

Second Galaxy has a very wide universe. And also with many main and side missions, there are 4000 different galaxies to visit and explore.

Second Galaxy

These galaxies have planets, regional products to trade, and various beneficial events. The universe is a big place, and Second Galaxy allows you to carve your own path.

This game has the flexibility to give you a truly unique and special experience by increasing your skills and talents, installing implants, getting a license, and many other things besides that.

To keep the whole world in this game running smoothly, Second Galaxy uses dynamic servers and distributed networks. That allows hundreds of players from all over the world to play at the same time in the same virtual space. The battle of a thousand players in space is a sight you must see!

So, let’s pre-register now in Playstore or Appstore. Don’t forget to subscribe FajarYusuf.Com so you don’t miss the latest mobile game update info!

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