Secret Neighbor Asymmetrical Horror Game Has Released For iOS

TinyBuild has just released their game entitled Secret Neighbor, this asymmetrical horror game can be played in multiplayer. Maybe some players already know this game because it was previously released on PC and consoles. And now it’s finally released for the mobile version, to be precise, iOS.

Set in the Hello Neighbor story, Secret Neighbor focuses on 6 players playing around a mansion with the goal of reaching a mysterious dungeon. Then what is the challenge in this horror game? There is a traitor among the group called The Neighbor who can disguise himself as a player like any other asymmetric game.

Later the neighbors in disguise will be random players in each round and they must gain the trust of other players to avoid mistakes and later this undercover player will betray.

Secret neighbor

In addition, innocent players had to use their skills to watch out for suspicious player behavior and were tasked with opening dungeons with a time limit of 15 minutes. Of course, to open dungeons there are many traps that players have to face.

Players also had to find the keys scattered throughout the house to open the door. Players had to think of various plans as a group while also being wary of a single player in disguise.

Each character in Secret Neighbor has their own unique skills, such as skills to carry a backpack to store items, or skills that allow you to escape. Secret Neighbor was originally released on PC and Xbox, and now players can download Secret Neighbor from the AppStore.

Download at the following link:


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