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Seven Knights 2 Confirmed Released in November 2020

Since it was announced 2 years ago, finally the skuel of the mobile game developed by Netmarble, yep Seven Knights II, has received the latest news. The developer announced that the game, which will have the MMORPG genre and will be released for the IOS and Android platform, will be officially released in November 2020. In this announcement, the publisher also announced that it was opening the pre-registration period for this game. For players who want to register, you can go to the Seven Knights II official website.

Interestingly, the Seven Knights 2 game will have significant changes in terms of gameplay and appearance. If previously the Seven Knights game was an RPG genre with a turn-based battle system, and used a cute chibi character design, now in the latest version of the game Seven Knights 2 it will turn into an MMORPG genre game. This will certainly change all systems in the game because the battle system used in MMORPGs usually uses real-time battles. This game will use Unreal Engine 4 in the development of the game, and has a storyline 20 years after the first game series.

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With no official information yet, it seems like players around the world have to be a little patient, because Seven Knights II at its release will only be temporarily available in the Korean region. However, seeing the big names of Seven Knights globally, it is only a matter of time regarding its global release. So let’s just wait, will the mobile game, which was popular in 2015, will again be favored by mobile players around the world, in the latest series of the game.

Source: Seven Knights II YouTube

[세븐나이츠2] 공식 트레일러 최초 공개!


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