Seven Knights 2 To Be Released In November 2021, Online Showcase

Netmarble has officially released anew Showcase videofeaturing various highlights contained in their latest mobile game entitled Seven Knights 2 which will be released soon. This mobile MMORPG game is planned for release in November 2021 this year and players can pre-register for this mobile game now to unlock some free items when the game is officially released later.

The following are some of the highlights of Showcase online:

Seven Knights 2

  • Story Seven Knights 2 is set 20 years after the events of Seven Knights
  • The characters in this game are developed with Unreal Engine 4 giving a more realistic look
  • There will be several new characters and a few more characters from the previous Seven Knights
  • At the time of release, there will be 46 characters with their own unique skills
  • Seven Knights 2 will use the Open-World feature
  • The 4 player group battle will still be there
  • Raids bosses each have unique skills and attack patterns
  • Real-time Co-op Raids
  • Seven Knights 2 is planned for release in November 2021
  • Seven Knights 2 pre-registration has now started

To pre-register CLICK HERE

[Seven Knights 2] Online Showcase (English, Thai CC)


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