Seven Knights II Will Be Officially Released At The End of 2020

Netmarble Games has officially announced that they will soon release the Seven Knights II mobile game for the Korean region at the end of this year. Along with this announcement, they have released the Seven Knights II teaser site.

The story of Seven Knights II takes place 30 years after the events of the mobile game Seven Knights. The sequel and gameplay in this new mobile game no longer use a turn-based system, but rather an Action RPG. Seven Knights II released end year end of year a

Because this mobile game was developed with Unreal Engine 4, the world graphics and character designs in the SK 2 game are improved and look more realistic. Of course, to play this game you also need an adequate device, hopefully mid-end devices can play this mobile game smoothly.

Unfortunately, Netmarble still has not provided information on when the mobile game will be released globally. So, we just need to be patient waiting for the time, usually only a few months apart from the global version to be released after the Korean version first, we can see Blade and Soul Revolution which is only about 3 months away in the Korean version and the Global version.

SK II Korean Version Official Website, click HERE


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