Shaman King Funbari Chronicle Has Started Pre-Registration Campaign Event

Studio Z has officially announced a pre-registration campaign event for their new mobile game entitled Shaman King Funbari Chronicle which will be released soon.

Shaman King Funbari Chronicle is the first mobile game based on the Shaman King IP and developed using the Unity Engine. This mobile game will tell a story based on the latest Anime remake version and will also be filled by the same voice actor for the mobile game.

shaman king funbari chronicle pre registration pre register

The mobile RPG game Shaman King Funbari Chronicle is planned to be released in Japan in 2021. For now there is still no further information about the details of the in-game gameplay of this game, and whether it will release a global version or not. Maybe if the game is successful in Japan, it’s possible that a global version will follow its release.

Please visit their official website for more information, CLICK HERE.


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