Shining Arena, New MOBA 4 Vs 4 with Unique Graphics

For a long time it seems like there are no indie mobile games from Asia that are quite popular, and today FajarYusuf.Com will introduce a new MOBA mobile game known as the Shining Arena.

Currently Shining Arena is still in its first beta phase, this game has several key features, focusing on MOBA gameplay 4 vs 4.

The interesting thing is the graphics of the game, which is very similar to Gigantic which is now closed .

Shining Arena heroes

Shining Arena is a battle of heroes that includes the names of gods and mythical characters from legends around the world, such as Monkey King , Zeus and Thor.

Technically there should be no problem of copyright infringement. That’s a glimpse of Shining Arena, so wait for more info on FajarYusuf.Com!

Shining Arena (CN) - Closed Beta first look

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