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Shining Beyond the Latest Mobile Game Idle-Action RPG Style J-RPG

Playing mobile games for a long time sometimes makes players bored. Especially if you play mobile games with the same genre. Usually players will get bored quickly and leave the game. Plus if a game rarely gets updates. But it looks like the new game Shining Beyond is good news for players who want to try new games.

If you are familiar with the Valiant Force game developed by XII Braves, surely you want to try playing this latest mobile game. XII Braves is now developing a mobile game called Shining Beyond. Shining Beyond is now available for download. There will be lots of free in-game items that you can get. Includes 10x Premium Summon Tickets!

Shining Beyond is a Hero Collection RPG game with idle-action hybrid gameplay. This mobile game combines a fast-paced gameplay phase with exciting actions that players can play. The most interesting thing about this game is because it contains pretty waifuable characters! If players are bored with games that rely on male characters as main characters, Shining Beyond is quite different. Many other characters that players can use.

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In the in-game Shining Beyond, there are 50 different heroes that players can collect. Each hero has 4 Main Jobs. There are Warriors, Rogues, Archers, and Acolytes. Of these 4 Main Jobs, later it will branch into 7 other jobs. Starting from Crusader, Assassin, Ranger, Samurai, Mage, and others. This makes players never get bored of trying out the possibilities and combining all the heroes in the Idle Play game.

Visually, this mobile game has a similarity with the Valiant Force game. And it seems that the developers from Shining Beyond seem to be inspired by the J-mobile game. Because most of the character designs are for UI, and various visualizations in the battlefield are similar to games that players often see in Japanese mobile games. So it’s not surprising, if this game will be interesting enough for players who like to watch Anime.

Shining Beyond is an idle-action game where players can collect various heroes. Unlike other games, players don’t need to spend a lot of time upgrading their characters in order to enjoy extensive content like those found in other games of the same genre.

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