Shining Maiden Has Started A Soft-Launch For The Singapore Region

BigDipper has just announced that they have soft-launched their latest mobile RPG game, entitled Shining Maiden English version. Players in Singapore can now download the mobile game from the local AppStore or GooglePlay.

Shining Maiden is a Waifu collection RPG genre mobile game, players can collect and train more than 60 different Maiden characters, each Maiden has their own unique skills and skills. The battle system for this mobile game is a bit like the Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross and Hero Cantare, players can combine skill cards to increase the card level during battle.

Fajaryusuf.com Shining Maiden

At present FajarYusufDotCom still doesn’t have an official release date but if you are interested in trying this mobile game, you can try it using a VPN and download it on the AppStore or GooglePlay Singapore.

Download via GooglePlay click HERE


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