Shironeko Golf or White Cat Golf Show Website Teaser And PV

Colopl yesterday just announced their new mobile game title which will be released soon, yep this mobile game is titled Shironeko Golf or White Cat Golf. Colopl has also released a teaser site and the first PV for the RPG game.

Shironeko Golf is the latest addition to the Shironeko series which has been released 7 years ago. The original game is a game with the hero-collection Action-RPG genre. Later, they released a mobile Tennis game called Shironeko Tennis.

shironeko golf white cat golf

Based on the announcement, players will be able to collect a variety of different characters from the Shironeko series. It said the game would allow players to experience a “real golfing experience” through the mobile game.

For now, that is all the information that has obtained. So stay tuned for more information about Shironeko’s newest mobile game!

Official Teaser Site:


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