Silkroad Online New MMORPG Has Been Released For The SEA Region

It is common knowledge that the Southeast Asia (SEA) region is in great demand by mobile game developers to beta test the game. There are also many mobile games that conduct beta tests very often in this region, and one of the newest mobile games with the MMORPG genre that is currently conducting beta tests for the SEA region is Silkroad Online.

This MMORPG genre mobile game from a developer named U1 Digital Technology has just opened a server for the SEA region. In their official Facebook post, they said they were taking this step in an effort to develop Silkroad Online.

Silkroad Online is an MMORPG game that has been around since 2005. Yep, this game is arguably an old school game, but in 2021 the game is being developed again and is ready to enter the mobile game market. Silkroad Online

It can be ascertained that the mobile version of this game will not be much different from the initial 2005 release version. In the storyline until the selection of classes and characters is almost identical to the old version, it’s just that there is an adjustment in how to play because using a mobile device.

One of the most unique things about Silkroad Online is the character design that is not based on Japanese anime style. Most of the character designs in this game prefer European, Persian and Chinese styles, although there are still some Japanese elements in it.

Opening servers for the SEA region can still be said to be a soft lauch, because maybe the players will find some bugs in this game. For players who have tried this MMORPG mobile game from now on, there will be an exclusive prize promised.

Silkroad Online can be downloaded via Google PlayStore for Android and AppStore for iOS for free.

Source: Facebook


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