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New Released, Let’s Download Mobile Game Horror Simulacra 2

If you are a gamer who likes mobile games horror, surely you are familiar with a mobile game called Simulacra. Horror game that is very popular, has been widely played by YouTubers, finally this mobile game gets the latest series, entitled Simulacra 2.

In Simulacra 2, you will find out the cause of death of an influencer, who knows where you got influencer’s handphone from. Out of curiosity, you immediately open influencer’s cellphone, but the content and data there was deleted intentionally. And your job in this mobile game is to find out and investigate what happened to the death of the influencer, and the investigation starts from the cellphone you’re holding.

simulacra 2

Story in Simulacra 2, there will be many endings that you can get, so you can uncover events and mysteries that exist. Although simple, but this mobile game has a very good and neat story that makes you curious about what is happening, and also lots of jumpscare that will scare you.

If you are interested and curious about the horror game, please go to GooglePlay, and immediately download this Simulacra 2 game now!

SIMULACRA 2 Final Trailer
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