Simure Vikings Mobile RPG Game Has Officially Started Soft Lunch

If you like the Vikings themed mobile RPG game that uses real style-art design, then Simure Vikings is the game for you. This RPG game uses a theme and a medieval time setting with characters involving the Vikings kings of the Scandinavians era.

In this mobile game, you will be shown how the Vikings lived in medieval times. Not only that, you as players will build a Viking empire and fight using the power of Vikings. The story of this RPG game will focus on the Scandinavian kingdom area.

When starting to enter this game, players will use a character named Jarl. This character is told as a war hero and a strong knight, but Jarl does not only move in the field of battle or the military. Players will also be tasked with determining taxes, finding resources and becoming part of the clan in the kingdom.

Simure vikings

A Viking will always explore new areas and that’s something players have to do. During their exploration, players will meet many new Vikings and make contact with them. It is possible that players will fight or even become friends and form stronger alliances.

Currently, Simure Vikings has been released and can be downloaded, because Gtarcade has just started a soft launch for several regions. Currently Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Czech, Lithuania, Poland, Malta, Philippines and Indonesia are available for soft launch.

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