Sin Chronicle

Sin Chronicle, New JRPG Mobile Game Starts Pre-Registration

Sega has revealed their newest mobile game title that will be releasing atthis year’s Tokyo Game Show. This new mobile JRPG gamewill be titled Sin Chronicle and is planned to be released in Japan in December 2021.

This mobile JRPG game was developed by the original team from Chain Chronicle, but this game has a different gameplay from the Chain Chronicle series. This is said to be a solo-player experience, where the player can determine the ending of the story with different actions.

Sin Chronicle

There will be an Open-World that players can explore, the battle system in this game is unique Hack & Slash Turn-Based, and the character growth system in this game is similar to other JRPG mobile games. Many players believe in developers who try to build a strong story plot in this game rather than focusing on the gacha system like mobile games in general.

Players can now pre-register this mobile JRPG game on the Japanese AppStore or GooglePlay. And for the global version of Sin Chronicle for now there is still no information, but the possibility of a global release remains.

Pre-registration: GooglePlay or AppStore



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