Slam Dunk Mobile Sports RPG Game Currently Open Pre-Registration

DeNA is working with Toei Animation to release a mobile game that will soon be released which is adapted based on the shounen jump series, yep SLAM DUNK, the Slam Dunk Mobile game is now opening the pre-registration phase.

The Slam Dunk Mobile game will become a real-time basketball game, players can feel nostalgic in this game, feel basketball skills like anime, original animated stories, and feel the strength of each character and Slam Dunk basketball team.

This mobile game also features various types of modes, including Half-Court 3v3, 1v1 Solo Match, 2v2 Duo Match, Full Court 3v3, and Full Court 5v5, some game modes are only available on certain days of the week, while some modes available every day. Slam Dunk Mobile a

If you want a competitive feeling and outperform other players in this mobile sports RPG game, you can try a 3-minute ranked match in 3v3 Half Court mode. Team up and show off your basketball techniques when you challenge other players.

Because this game project is in collaboration with Toei Animations, all the characters in the game are voiced by the original voice actors from the anime, in order to really revive the nostalgia of the players’ childhood series.

Pre-registration click HERE

Slam Dunk Mobile Game Trailer (DeNA)


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