Smash Legends Mobile Version Has Been Released Globally

Smash Legends is a 3D multiplayer game that previously started the beta phase, now finally officially released today on March 2, 2021, players should be able to play the new mobile game from the LINE Games Corporation.

At first this game was one of the game line-ups developed as a PC game, but the developer was interested in releasing it to the mobile game market. Because this game is very possible to be played in a balanced way on mobile devices, Smash Legends has now managed to attract a lot of attention from players.

If players don’t know, Smash Legends is a 3v3 multiplayer fighting game, players will play as a team to beat other players. At the beginning of the game, players are required to choose one character, the choice of characters here is quite a lot and varies. Smash Legends released

The goal or way of winning this game is to try to get all enemy heroes out of the arena. The team that succeeds in removing all its enemies will be the winner, the gameplay is very simple and also competitive.

3v3 mode is the main mode of this battle game, but actually there are several other modes that players can play. One of them is the battle royale mode, there will be 8 heroes at once in the arena and the last player to survive in the arena is the winner.

During the beta test phase a few months ago, LINE Games Corporation made many updates to Smash Legends before its released. Movement optimization, hero balancing, and feature additions are now available, as a result the global release version this time can be played as well as possible.

Download Smash Legends, click HERE


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