Smash Legends Has Been Officially Released Globally, Like Lost Saga!

LINE Games Corporation has officially announced that their latest Multiplayer Action PvP game developed by 5minlab and published by LINE Games, Smash Legends, has been officially released globally for mobile and PC players.This game is characterized by its simple and intuitive gameplay, at the time of its released Smash Legends features 6 versatile modes including Duel, 3 vs 3 Dominion, and 8-player Battle Royale. Players can choose a character from a list of 10 Legends inspired by fairy tales, each character has its own specialization with unique skills and strategies. Smash Legends released
Celebrating its global release, Smash Legends will share Peter’s skin with all players, and will hold a 2-week login event that provides various in-game items such as Gems, Coins, Super Special Chest, and Key Doublers. The new legend of ‘Ducky and Swan’, and SMASH PASS season 1 has also been added to the game.So what are you waiting for? immediately try to download and play, check the content and events available to get various items right now, if you are a fan of Lost Saga, you will definitely love this new Multiplayer Battle game.Publisher: Line GamesDownload: GooglePlay or AppStore===

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