Smash Legends is planned to be released this year with cross-play

Smash Legends is the latest mobile game developed by LINE Games Corporation, this mobile game is rumored to be released on the mobile platform in 2021. This mobile game is also part of the LINE category which was originally released only for the PC platform.

Smash Legends has a 3D multiplayer action game gameplay where players will choose one of the characters to use. In main mode, a team is filled with 3 players, with a total of 6 players in one match with unique characters.

The main objective of this game is only one, namely the player must win the match by trying to kick the enemy out of the arena. The team that kicks the three enemies out of the arena first will be the winner, because the gameplay is fast and simple, each match only lasts 3 to 5 minutes. Smash Legends

There are many variants of modes that players can choose, not only 3v3 mode, there is also 1v1 mode, capturing area and battle royale where 8 players will fight in one arena. With a variety of unique characters, this game will not feel boring when played.

LINE Games has also optimized the game’s control movements to make it more comfortable to use for mobile platforms, because previously this game was planned to only be played on PCs.

After its global release, this game will support cross-play between devices, which means that players playing on smartphones can meet players playing using PCs.

Source: LINE Games Corporation


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