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Smite Blitz Adaptation Game From Smite Can Be Downloaded

Are you a fan of MOBA and RPG mobile games? there is good news about the new mobile game adapted from the MOBA PC game, which has now been released for mobile devices.

Yep the game adapted is Smite, a unique game that presents a third-person experience but with the MOBA genre with various mythological characters of gods from all over the world, now is starting to enter the gaming industry market trends that plunge for mobile devices.

Different from the PC version, this mobile game titled Smite Blitz, This game developed by Hi-Rez Studios presents the RPG genre that you normally encounter in other mobile games.

Smite Blitz gameplay

Yep, players will collect the character of the gods in the whole world and then go to the dungeon to complete the quest and the existing stage, at the same time player can do grinding to make the characters used become stronger to face the next stage.

And apparently, games with this genre will make players spend more money to be able to get a variety of strong characters, and can face a variety of dungeons and to do PvP.

But if players are interested in wanting to see the character of the gods like the one in the Smite game, maybe they can try it, for a good problem or not come back to the tastes of each player.

Although Smite Blitz has been released for Android and iOS only a few countries have officially been able to play this game, such as the United States, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark and United Kingdom.

While in areas other than those mentioned above you still can’t play it officially, but don’t worry if you really want to play this game, you can download it directly via TapTap.

SMITE Blitz - Reveal Trailer
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