Sprite Fantasia Has Started Pre-Registration Campaign Event

When Fajar Yusuf first tried MMORPG games, Fajar Yusuf had 2 favorite games, namely Ragnarok Online and Dragon NestCurrently various Ragnarok titles are released for mobile games and Gravity is trying hard to create RO games with various versions.

And now there is news from X-Legend which repeats popular game titles that were previously popular to be presented to the mobile platform with not many innovations made. Yep, now Sprite Fantasia is coming to the mobile platform and has started a pre-registration event campaign.

There have been many players who have tried to play this game on the Taiwan game server in March of 2021, so many gameplay videos have been published about this game.

sprite fantasia game mmorpg pre register

According to Sprite Fantasia’s official press release, apart from adding several PVP fighting styles and Old-Fashioned Class options, players can also craft various fancy costumes, explore the various mysteries of Saphael, or visit Red Coconut Paradise to play various mini-games!

Yep, the Sprite Fantasia pre-registration event campaign has started since last week, players who are interested in this game can pre-register at the link below.

Pre-registration: GooglePlay or AppStore

Sprite Fantasia - Gameplay, Pre-Registration for Global Server


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