Square Enix Announces Echoes of Mana Gameplay

Previously, Square Enix announced their latest Action-RPG mobile game based on the Mana series titled Echoes of Mana last summer. The gameplay in this game was finally shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 (TGS2021) event which was held yesterday.

Echoes of Mana is an Action-RPG mobile game with a Free-to-Play system, players will see various characters from the Mana series and adventure across various worlds that are incorporated in a new Mana Tree which is an important element of the Mana game series, Mana Tree. this is the source of all magic.

In the trailer published by Square Enix, the battle in the game Echoes of Mana takes place in Real-Time, with JRPG team attacks elemental damage gameplay. The battles in this mobile game are made like Mana games in general with Touchscreen adjustments for mobile devices.

The story of this game has not been announced in detail, but Square Enix will provide more information in the next few months. For now, the Story described is only on adventures between the worlds of the Any game series.

Gameplay Echoes of Mana

All characters from Universe Mana will be present in this game. Because this game is free-to-play and is a mobile game, it is possible for players to get these characters through the Gacha system. For the original characters created specifically for this game, players will play one of the 2 original characters, namely Kilt and Kilte.

Echoes of Mana will present various locations, Monsters, and popular features in the Mana Universe. As in the Mana game series in general, players will fight against these monsters during their adventures in the game.

It is planned that Echoes of Mana will be released in the spring of 2022. This mobile JRPG game is a Free-to-Play game with IAP (InAppPurchase). There is still no further information about the release date of this game, but it looks like Square Enix will provide an exact date in the next announcement. The game’s official website can also be accessed by players to see more details of this latest JRPG mobile game.

Echoes of Mana official website

Echoes of Mana | TGS 2021 Trailer


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