Square Enix Brings Final Fantasy I – VI to Pixel Remaster Series

Previously at the E3 event yesterday, Square Enix officially announced that there will be 6 original FINAL FANTASY game titles that will inspire players who are generations of old-school RPG fans, because Square Enix will once again revive the memories and memories of players in the FINAL FANTASY pixel remaster series.

Loyal fans and new players of Final Fantasy games will have the opportunity to be able to play the new Final Fantasy I to VI series on Steam and Mobile platforms, which will certainly increase.

final fantasy pixel remaster series

For now, Fajaryusuf.com doesn’t have much information about how the FINAL FANTASY pixel remaster in-game looks, gameplay, and details. However, it looks like each game will be released individually as part of the Pixel Remaster Series.

This RPG mobile game will retain the 2D character art style design with improved pixel graphics. Many players don’t believe this game series will succeed, but what is certain for loyal fans this is good news to be able to play FF games again with the remastered series, and hopefully the in-game cutscenes will look better than before.


Source: YouTube


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