Summoners Kingdom is now available for download (Early Access)

A new RPG game called Summoners Kingdom is now available in Early Access on Android in select countries, so try downloading and playing now!

Summoners Kingdom is an RPG fighting game, the combination of heroes and strategy is the main focus. This game has been developed and published by Cloud Joy. In it the player must build an empire and decorate it. Players have to create forests, wood shops, gardens, and more. Apart from expanding the empire, players will also be responsible for repairing destroyed buildings.

In the Summoners Kingdom game, players must cooperate with other players to explore the kingdom and fight against enemies. Players also get the option to team up with friends and teams.

Summoners Kingdom download Early Access

There are more than 200 Story Levels. Players can customize heroes and unlock new characters. As you progress to the next stage, players must gather resources and complete various quests to gain power-ups for heroes and reveal the story of the kingdom that they control.

Summoners Kingdom’s graphics are great, the background music and character designs are impressive too. The developer has also released a video trailer which you can see below.



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