Supercell Announces 3 New Mobile Clash Games Under Developing

Supercell recently officially announced 3 new Clash mobile games which are in development! This announcement is the first for Supercell to announce a new game title in development prior to its release.

And here are 3 new Clash mobile games titles from Supercell:

Clash Quest

Clash Quest is a turn-based tactical adventure strategy mobile game. Players who have played other Clash games before will feel nostalgic because players will see well-known troops such as Barbarians, Prince, Archers, Giants and others. Even the animation and attack patterns that are owned are also similar. There are several puzzle elements to this mobile game because players will deal more damage when the same types of troops are placed together.

In this new mobile game, Supercell wants to introduce more elements into the world of Clash. For example, there will be bosses in the game and even weapons for the troops to equip. 3 new Clash mobile game new Heroes mini quest

Clash Mini

Clash Mini is a PVP strategy genre mobile game that uses miniature characters in the form of chess pieces.

Players will deploy miniature troops at the same time. But the players couldn’t see each other’s placements until the preparation phase was over. This is a very interesting concept because players will never know how the opposing player will place their troops and what troops they will bring to the battlefield.

Clash Heroes

Clash Heroes looks like a Hack’n’Slash RPG mobile game with a game duration of 5-10 minutes. This mobile game is still in early development so it has no further details.

Source: Official Clash


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