Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace Has Released Today

The rise of mobile MMORPG games that have just been released over the past month, now is the time for a mobile MMORPG entitled Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace to be released. This game is one of the MMORPG games adapted from the popular anime Sword Art Online which finally opened the server today, June 9th.Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace is an MMORPG game that will give players experience playing an adventure into the world of Aincard. For players who are fans of the SAO anime series, they definitely know the storylines in the popular anime, and of course players don’t want to miss the experience of playing on Aincard.The story in this game is exactly the same as the story in the anime. Players will be trapped in the world of Aincard, and the only way to get out is to defeat the boss at the last level, which is the 100th floor. However, if the player dies in the game, then the player will also die in the real world.
sword art online black swordsman ace
In this Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace game, players have the opportunity to play and become the main character Kirito. Or you can choose other classes, there are the same classes as Asuna, Silica, Klein and other characters. The developer is targeting this mobile game to be as similar as possible to the anime version of the Sword Art Online game.

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