Global Released! Symphogear XD UNLIMITED X Attack On Titan

Bushiroad Inc. and Pokelabo Inc. has officially announced that the global version of Symphogear XD UNLIMITED has been released. Players from the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea can now download the mobile game from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Celebrating global releases, special events are available for players to be able to do 11x Free Roll Gacha, receive additional login bonuses, and get prizes by completing special release celebration mission events!

Titan Symphony which is a collaboration event with Attack on Titan, has started on February 14th at 00:00 (PT)! In addition to cards featuring Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and Armin, make sure to also see the story of the original Titan Symphony event!

Symphogear XD UNLIMITED X Attack On Titan

Titan Symphony Story

Emerging from the air, Titan forces stormed a desert island, attacking fiercely! Four warriors, shrouded in mystery, who were able to defeat them were present! Take advantage of the combined power of the Symphogear System and omni-directional mobility equipment to defeat the enemies of humanity!

Note: Due to the initial release of this event, Attack On Titan characters will be slightly nerf to maintain the release balance at the beginning of the game.

Publisher: Pokelabo

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore

Symphogear XD UNLIMITED - Trailer 1 (Available 2020)
Watch this video on YouTube.

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