Tales of Luminaria will release on November 4th

Bandai Namco collaborated with Colopl to develop the latest Tales mobile game series, now they have announced the release date for the mobile game Tales of Luminaria which will be released soon. Players will be able to play this game on November 4th.

Not only the Japanese version, the English version will also be released on the same date, November 4th, but it may be a few hours later as the website shows the date in PDT.

If we look at the published trailer, and the existing gameplay videos, Tales of Luminaria is an Action-RPG game that is played in Portrait mode. This is not surprising because Colopl is well known for often developing Action games that are played with easy-to-use controls.

Tales of Luminaria releases on November 4th

In Tales of Luminaria, there are 21 protagonists who have different goals and unique storylines, they must follow the path they believe in. Despite the challenges that frustrate them, they grow with pride, and face with strength!

Choose a protagonist and help them survive in this adventurous world! Players will also meet various kinds of characters that players have never seen before!

Tales of Luminaria Official Website


Tales of Luminaria Official Trailer | gamescom 2021


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