Tencent & Marvelous Will Release Harvest Moon Online Mobile

Tencent after success with various games for IOS and Android platforms such as PUBG Mobile, Arena Of Valor, Chess Rush and Call of Duty Mobile.

Now the Chinese developer will collaborate with a Japanese developer Marvelous, to develop the legendary game Harvest Moon.

This game will later have the official title Harvest Moon Online, and plan will be released for IOS and Android platforms.

Has been spread video teasers and image teasers that show image quality and gameplay of this game.

Like the Harvest Moon game in general, this one game will have beautiful visuals and spoil the eyes.

Judging from the outstanding teaser images, Harvest Moon Online will present activities as usual, like farming, fishing, and caring animals.

harvest moon online mobile
harvest moon online mobile 2

When viewed from a teaser, player can choose the gender of the character that will be used during in the game.

So far there is no certainty as to whether the Online system that this game will have.

harvest moon online mobile 3
harvest moon online mobile 4
harvest moon online mobile 6

The news of the release of Harvest Moon Online Mobile will be fresh breeze of other Mobile games that are popular today, such as Battle Royale and MOBA.

Let’s just wait if this Harvest mon game can be successful on platfrom Mobile with the Online system that is presented.

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