Tencent Games Starts Pre-Registration Event Alchemy Stars RPG Game

Tencent Games has officially announced a pre-registration event for their new game entitled Alchemy Stars. This mobile RPG game is slated for release in the summer of 2021 and will be available in English, Japanese, and Korean. Pre-register for this mobile game now and get various prizes when the game is released!Alchemy Stars is a collection-hero strategy RPG mobile game developed by TourDogStudio. The gameplay in this game players must focus and strategize the party to defeat the enemy. This mobile game has a general RPG game storyline that is simple and also captivating. The story in this game was written by Tadashi Satomi who is a screenwriter who is responsible for the story, characters, and setting of the original Persona game. Tells the story of the world of Astra, which has been inhabited by Aurorians and Caelestites for a long time. However, peace did not last long as Astra was invaded by dark creatures known as Eclipsites. The players will take on the role of the only survivors of the Caelestites race, and are tasked with helping Aurorian soldiers to defeat the Eclipsites.The battle system in this mobile game takes several references from the connect-3 puzzle game. In Alchemy Stars, players must match adjacent tiles of the same color to activate their character’s attacks. Not only that, by connecting more tiles of the same color, players can unleash powerful skills that can cover the entire battlefield.

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