The Black Clover Mobile game will be releasing soon! here’s the gameplay!

Vic Game Studios is a game development company under Pearl Abyss Company, which has now released a Gameplay PV for their soon-to-be-released game, Black Clover Mobile. This Action-RPG game is planned to be released in 2022.

Black Clover Mobile is currently under further development, and is slated for a global release in 2022. Yep, this game is adapted from the Anime/Manga, Black Clover, which is currently very popular, and if you haven’t watched or read it, you should do it before the game is released!

Black Clover Mobile gameplay video

The ingame gameplay video footage of the PV video looks very good with a very beautiful Full 3D Anime style and reminds players of a JRPG game made for the Playstation Console.

Black Clover Mobile Official Page

[Black Clover Mobile] Jump Festa 2022 PV Reveal (EN Full Ver.)

[Black Clover Mobile] Jump Festa 2022 PV Reveal (EN Short Ver.)


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Efei Jeyar
Efei Jeyar
29 days ago


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