The God of Highschool Mobile Game by Pangsky Has Been Released

Pangsky has officially announced the release of their new mobile game globally, yep this game is titled The God of Highschool. Players who are interested in this mobile game can now download it on the AppStore or GooglePlay.

This game has received more than 4 million downloads in Korea, The God of Highschool mobile game is a collection-hero RPG game adapted based on the very popular God of High School manhwa (webtoon comic).

It’s been a long time since players have seen a classic tap battle RPG mobile game like this. Players can form groups of up to 6 members and during battle players only need to tap the character portrait to activate the combo attack. Mobile Game the god of highschool dumplings

There are various other special features in this mobile game, including PVP, Guild competitions, Raid Boss and even 30v30 PvP which is called the School Competition.

There is one thing that players must remember, the translation for text in this mobile game is still not perfect, it can be very troublesome or confusing for players for certain languages. But this game is still very good to play especially for fans!

Publisher: Pangsky

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore


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