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The King of Fighters Allstar Open Phase Pre-Registration

Today 1 October 2019 is the release day of THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR Globally. Netmarble finally announced the phase pre-registration and prizes for players who can’t wait to play the RPG beat-em up action game with the fast and exciting martial arts from the well-known SNK series, THE KING OF FIGHTERS.

Starting today, players who have pre-registered to download THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR on Google Play and AppStore will receive the legendary ‘Option Card‘ Fighter Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. Premium prizes and other special characters will be distributed when the pre-registration target is reached. The following is a list of prizes to be awarded:

  • Total 50,000 Pre-Registration Registrants: ★ 4 Baseball Yuri x1
  • Total 150,000 Pre-Registration Registrants: 100 Ruby + Rare EXP Capsule x10
  • Total 400,000 Pre-Registration Registrants: Baseball Yuri Card x1
  • Total 700,000 Pre-Registration Registrants: 400 Ruby + Plus Capsule Boxes x10
  • Total 1,000,000 Pre-Registration Registrants: ★ 5 Fighter Selector x1

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR presents a fast action fight where players will fight against a variety of enemies, bosses and other team fighter. The excitement of the martial arts is complemented by high-quality graphics, bright colors, and super-fast animation moves, as well as more than 50 fighters to be collected and strengthened by the players. KOF ALLSTAR too will present abundant and nostalgic content for fans of THE KING OF FIGHTERS series and provide unlimited excitement for new players.

Players can pre-register to be able to download THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR on mobile devices through Google Play and AppStore. This game will be available worldwide from October 2019.

After official release in Korea and Japan, THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR reached the first position on the top free chart on Google Play and AppStore of the two countries with more than 14 million players. So, let’s look forward to the global release of the mobile action game THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR .

For more information, please visit THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR’s official website. Get the latest updates by following Facebook, Twitter and Instagram THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR.

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