MMORPG The Legend of Qin Will Release on March 26 2021

Tencent Games is a developer that develops various MMORPG genre mobile game titles. Of their many mobile games, one of them is The Legend of Qin which will finally be released soon, which is currently in the test phase.

The testing phase of this mobie MMORPG game started in November 2020, and will end in March this year. Yesterday, The Legend of Qin finally gave a release date on March 26th.

However, yesterday’s announcement was still unclear about the server range they will set up. Currently, the Chinese region has confirmed access to it, but for the global region there is still no confirmation from the Tencent Games. The Legend of Qin

The information also stated, for players who want to try this game, they need a social media account, WeChat . With the uncertainty of this global release, many MMORPG players are not happy to hear it, because it is still uncertain for a global release.

The Legend of Qin is a very unique mobile MMORPG, because it is different from most MMORPGs based on Japanese culture, this MMORPG from Tencent prefers to take stories from Chinese culture. This factor is the most prominent and attracts a lot of attention from MMORPG genre game fans.

Currently, the rating received by this mobile MMORPG game is also getting better than before when this game started the beta test phase. With the confirmation of this release date, it can be assumed that Tencent has fixed various bugs during the test phase.

Source: YouTube


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