The Powerpuff Girls Smash New Puzzle Mobile Game!

Sundaytoz has officially announced the release of their latest puzzle match-2 mobile game titled The Powerpuff Girls Smash. Follow the Powerpuff Girls adventure to bring peace back to the city of Townsville! This mobile game is now available worldwide for Android and iOS.

The Powerpuff Girls Smash is a Puzzle Match-2 mobile game that is similar to the Mahjong Solitaire game and similar like that. The player must match 2 blocks with the same symbol to proceed to the next stage. The Powerpuff Girls Smash a

Because this is a game based on the Powerpuff Girls series, there will be various in-game Power-ups depending on the three Powerpuff Girl characters that players use.

There are also very good social features in this game, you can play this game with your friends through the LINE feature and Facebook Friends.

Publisher: Sundaytoz

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore

[PowerPuff Girls Smash] Promotion video

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